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Quickstart / Introduction

Smobilpay for ecommerce is an online payment service provider that provides an integrated payment solution through its APIs which allows individuals and businesses to receive payments over the internet.

Smobilpay for ecommerce features:

  • A single contract for multiple payment methods.

  • SMS & Email notifications.

  • Your money is safe.

  • All transactions in one place.


All you need are the following 4 items to get started.

  • Smobilpay for ecommerce Payment API URL: API Doc

  • Merchant account

  • Subscription to the Smobilpay for ecommerce payment API.

  • Access token.

Step by Step Integration

Outlined below are the steps involved in integrating a website with Smobilpay for ecommerce. Detailed process flow and the complete API reference are provided later.

Step 1
Build your site that will accept payments or donations from your customers.
The site will:

  • collect customer(s) information, such as First Name, Last Name and Email Address

  • collect payment information, such as Amount and Currency
    Please Note: the information you collect will be dependent on your site's requirements.However, some information is required by Smobilpay for ecommerce

Step 2
Get an authentication token from Smobilpay for ecommerce and prepare the data to send to create the order.
Once you have the customer and payment details, you need to package it to send to Smobilpay for ecommerce.
This involves a few steps as we need to ensure that the communication between your site and Smobilpay for ecommerce happens in a secure manner.
Smobilpay for ecommerce uses OAuth to make sure that no one else interferes with the request you post on Smobilpay for ecommerce

Step 3
Post the request on Smobilpay for ecommerce and load the Smobilpay for ecommerce payment page
When a request is posted, Smobilpay for ecommerce will display a payment page. This is where the customer will make the payment.
You can embed this payment page directly in your site, providing a seamless experience to your customers.

Step 4
Display a post-payment page to your customer
Once the customer has completed the payment process on Smobilpay for ecommerce, they will be redirected to a page on your site.
You can use this page to inform the customer that their payment is being processed.
Optionally, you can also query Smobilpay for ecommerce at this point to see if the payment has; completed successfully, failed, or is still being processed.

Step 5
Add an URL to get Instant Transaction Notifications from Smobilpay for ecommerce
Log in to yourSmobilpay for ecommerce account and set the Instant Transaction Notifications Settings.
Enter the URL at which Smobilpay for ecommerce will redirect the customer once the payment has been completed.
Enter the URL (belonging to this domain) at which you will get notifications from Smobilpay for ecommerce every time a state change has occurred on one of your transactions. For example, when a transaction goes from pending to successful or failed.

Step 6
Query Smobilpay for ecommerce for payment status
One last step! When you receive an Instant Transaction Notification (ITN notification) from Smobilpay for ecommerce, you need to query Smobilpay for ecommerce for the payment details using the Smobilpay for ecommerce transaction ID or merchant reference id that you sent with the request to create the order.
A PENDING status indicates that the payment is being processed by Smobilpay for ecommerce and the final status of payment (Successful or Failed payment) is not yet known.

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