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Payment workflow

After successful integration of Smobilpay for e-commerce into your website, the following workflow occurs during a payment transaction

  1. A customer creates an order in your online shop and clicks on checkout. This triggers Smobilpay for e-commerce’s POST /api/order endpoint to create an order with us.

  2. The customer will now choose the payment option that is best for him and submit.

  1. Based on the payment service provider, a feedback request may be necessary to confirm the transaction on the customer's side (e.g. MTN cashout confirmation via SMS or USSD).

  1. Once the payment has been made, the status of the transaction will be changed to

    1. CONFIRMED in case of success or

    2. FAILED if it was not successful

  2. The status of the order can at any time be obtained by calling the endpoint GET /api/order/status or via the merchant portal

  3. If a notification URL is configured in the merchant's settings, changes in the transaction status will be sent to this URL

Video Recording of an example payment workflow (Version 1.0)

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