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Return URL and Instant Notification URL Configuration

In order to setup the integration two URLs need to be configured for each new integration:

  • Return URL: This URL is required and used to redirect the customer back to your shop after the payment has been executed by the customer.

    • Smobilpay for e-commerce will append your reference id in the path of the URL with the form:{yourReferenceId}?status={STATUS}

    • Your reference ID is generated by your system and was provided in the initial payment order placement request.

    • The status gives you the current payment status.

  • Instant notification/webhook URL: The URL used by Smobilpay for e-commerce to instantly notify you in realtime via a webhook event about the status of the payment.

    • Smobilpay for e-commerce would include your reference Id (generated by your system and provided in the initial order placement request)

    • Instant Notifcation events can be sent as

      • PUT request, where the reference is added as a path variable to the URL and with the status of the payment in the body

      • GET request, where the reference and the status are added as a path variables

    • Examples:

      • PUT request:

        • your notification URL is Smobilpay for e-commerce invokes a

          • PUT request to the URL{your_reference_Id}

          • with the body {"status":"[txStatus]"}

      • GET request:

        • your notification URL is Smobilpay for e-commerce invokes a

          • GET request to the URL{your_reference_Id}&status=[txStatus], where [txStatus] is the payment status.

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