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Online Payment Process Flow

This document is expanding on the general payment flow desription outlined in Payment transaction workflow

Step Breakdown

Step 0:

The Customer has finished the shopping and is ready to process the payment.

Step 1:

Your Shop server invokes the payment order placement API of Smobilpay for e-commerce by providing the customer's shopping cart information. Note that the shopping cart information is needed to display the shopping items for which the customer will pay on the Smobilpay for e-commerce portal.

Step 2:

Smobilpay for e-commerce will authenticate your request and return as part of the response to the request, the redirection URL to where your shop server shall redirect the customer's browser.The response of the order placement also contains an unique transaction Identifier which shall be used for any subsequent call to Smobilpay for e-commerce for this order if needed (for example when querying the payment status).

Step 3:

Your shop server redirects the customer's browser to the Smobilpay for e-commerce payment processing portal using the provided redirect URL.The Smobilpay for e-commerce portal will present to the user the available payment options.

Step 4:

The customer selects a payment option (s)he wants to use and confirms the payment. Depending on the payment provider, the payment order can be synchronous or asynchronous. Once the payment provider has accepted the payment order, Smobilpay for e-commerce will redirect the customer to your Shop server to finalise the shopping. Please note that this redirection is optional.

Step 5:

As mentioned in Step 4, step 5 is optional. Smobilpay for e-commerce may redirect the customer's browser to your shop server including the current payment status in the redirect URL as query parameter. The payment status could be: In progress, Finished, or Canceled.

Step 6a:

In case the Instant Transaction Notification(ITN) is not activated in your merchant account, the query payment status API can be used to query the current payment status by providing the unique Smobilpay for e-commerce transaction Identifier which was provided to you in the initial payment order placement.

Step 6b:

In case the ITN is activated in your account, Smobilpay for e-commerce will call back the configured notification URL with the payment status once the payment has changed the status to confirmed or failed.

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