Callback URLs can be set in the Callback settings section of the API settings in the merchant portal. Two callback URLs are supported in E-NKAP.

  • Return URL: This URL is required and used to redirect back the customer to your shop after the payment has been ordered by the customer. E-NKAP will append your reference id in the path of the URL with the form:{yourReferenceId}?status={STATUS}

    where your reference ID is generated by your system and was provided in the initial order placement request. The status gives you the current payment status.

  • Instant notification URL: The URL used by ENKAP to instantly notify you about the status of the payment. ENKAP would append your reference Id (generated by your system and provided in the initial order placement request) as path variable and send a PUT with the status of the payment in the body as {"status":"[txStatus]"}, where [txStatus] is the payment status.

Example: your notification URL is, ENKAP invokes a PUT request to the URL:{your_reference_Id} with the body {"status":"[txStatus]"}