This document has been written to assist the programmer(s) responsible with integrating the e-nkap Merchant Payment API into a third party codebase. The assumptions have been made that the reader will be familiar with basic industry standard terms such as; HTTPS, GET, POST, JSON, OAuth, etc. And that, they will have a basic understanding of the way APIs generally work.
e-nkap is a payment platform that enables Cameroonians to buy and sell on the Internet using a local payment solution. Planned solutions include Smobilpay (cash payments), MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money, Express Union Money, or Bank cards. In Cameroon, most payments happen with cash or mobile phones, not credit cards.
That means if you're an online merchant, PayPal isn't going to be enough--you're going to need something that is specific to the market. e-nkap is designed for that market.