Step 1: Complete administrative processes

  • Provide Maviance with your administrative documents
  • Sign the NDA and the contract with maviance
  • Pay all required fees (Integration Fees)
  • Maviance will provide you with the e-nkap documentation

Step 2: Merchant registers and integrates with e-nkap

  • Register on the e-nkap merchant portal
  • Maviance will activate the merchant account after verification
  • Once Activated, e-nkap will send a confirmation email to the merchant
  • The merchant creates a website and integrates e-nkap for processing payments from customers

Step 3: A purchase is made

  • A customer makes a payment using any of the supported payment methods via e-nkap.

Step 4: Payment reflects the merchant

  • e-nkap processes the payment
  • The payment amount is held in a trust account at the bank.
  • A trust account means that e-nkap does not have access to the money in the bank

Step 5: Notifications sent

  • Notifications are sent to the merchant and the Customer with a summary of the transaction and the payment status.
  • e-nkap has 24/7 customer service in case of any queries.

Step 6: Status is updated

  • The merchant can track all transactions and payment status by logging in to his merchant portal.

Step 7: Payment settled

  • The merchant requests for payout on e-nkap from the merchant portal
  • Notifications of payout request are sent to maviance
  • Maviance approves and processes the payout request according. The payout frequency is agree with the merchant (Weekly, Monthly)