Step 1
Register for an account in the merchant portal

  • You need to create an account to get started.
  • Your account will be reviewed and activated in no time by maviance.
  • Create an account here at:


Step 2
Activate your API account

  • Once your account is activated, you can login to the portal and Activate your API account by clicking the button Activate API Account in the API SETTINGS tab.
  • An email with the login credentials to the API manager is sent to your email.
  • Also, you will have to configure the Return URL and instant notification URL becuase e-nkap uses the return URL to redirect the customer after completing a transaction. At this stage, the transaction is in the "PENDING" status: The notification URL is used to update the status of the transaction when it changes.

Step 3
Configure email notifications

  • l you need to provide a support email in order to get notifications for successful payment transactions on e-nkap
  • Set your Support Email in the profile settings.
  • Select 'Yes' in the Support Email Enabled field to receive email notifications.

Step 4
Subscription to e-nkap payment API

  • In the merchant portal, you have a link to access the API manager in order to subscribe to the API.
  • Click on the "API manager" link.
  • Sign in by providing the username and password sent to you by email after activating the API account.
  • Select e-nkap payment API in the Applications.
  • In the e-nkap payment API page, click on the Subscribe button on the right hand side
  • In the overview tab of the API, e-nkap payment API URL for sandbox and production can be obtained.

Step 5
Generate Keys

  • In the API store, Navigate to Applications → Default Application
  • In Default Application, Click on the "Production Keys" tab
  • Click on the "Generate keys" button and the consumer key and consumer secret will be generated.
  • Use your consumer key and consumer secret to generate your access token to authenticate your requests with e-nkap
  • Click the button "Show Keys" in order to view the keys when they are hidden