Outlined below are the steps involved in integrating a website with e-nkap. Detailed process flow and the complete API reference are provided later.

Step 1
Build your site that will accept payments or donations from your customers.
The site will:

  • collect customer(s) information, such as First Name, Last Name and Email Address
  • collect payment information, such as Amount and Currency
    Please Note: the information you collect will be dependent on your site's requirements.However, some information is required by e-nkap

Step 2
Get an authentication token from e-nkap and prepare the data to send to create the order.
Once you have the customer and payment details, you need to package it to send to e-nkap.
This involves a few steps as we need to ensure that the communication between your site and e-nkap happens in a secure manner.
e-nkap uses OAuth to make sure that no one else interferes with the request you post on e-nkap

Step 3
Post the request on e-nkap and load the e-nkap payment page
When a request is posted, e-nkap will display a payment page. This is where the customer will make the payment.
You can embed this payment page directly in your site, providing a seamless experience to your customers.

Step 4
Display a post-payment page to your customer
Once the customer has completed the payment process on e-nkap, they will be redirected to a page on your site.
You can use this page to inform the customer that their payment is being processed.
Optionally, you can also query e-nkap at this point to see if the payment has; completed successfully, failed, or is still being processed.

Step 5
Add an URL to get Instant Transaction Notifications from e-nkap
Log in to your e-nkap account and set the Instant Transaction Notifications Settings.
Enter the URL at which e-nkap will redirect the customer once the payment has been completed.
Enter the URL (belonging to this domain) at which you will get notifications from e-nkap every time a state change has occurred on one of your transactions. For example, when a transaction goes from pending to successful or failed.
Enter your support information which will be added to any e-mail communication to the customer after the payment has been completed.

Step 6
Query e-nkap for payment status
One last step! When you receive an Instant Transaction Notification (ITN notification) from e-nkap, you need to query e-nkap for the payment details using the e-nkap transaction ID or e-nkap merchant reference that was sent with the request to create the order.
A PENDING status indicates that the payment is being processed by e-nkap and the final status of payment (Successful or Failed payment) is not yet known.