• First release.


  • Added Payout support via the merchant portal.

  • Improved responsiveness.

  • Added caching layer to improve the compilation speed of the payment page.


  • Added support for "optional order transaction" fields via the POST /api/order endpoint. These fields are also returned in the GET /api/order response as well as in the new merchant notification email.

  • Order transaction status checks have been Improved, and better supports systems as well as merchant ids. Two new endpoints have been added (GET /api/order and GET /api/order/status). The existing API endpoints GET /api/order/{txid} and GET /api/order/{txid}/status has been deprecated and will be removed in future releases.

  • Payment Provider, Account number and name of the user who executed the payment are now displayed in the transaction history table in the merchant portal

  • Merchants can now opt-in to be notified after each successful transaction

  • Merchants can now download the Transaction History from the merchant portal


  • Added support for additional fields in the payment object response

    • Payer Account Number

    • Payer Account Name